In today’s competitive and high-paced society, we feel a well-rounded education is not only imperative, but also the path to link an individual to a promising future. A variety of everyday time constraints can easily block a prospective or current student from attaining these necessary building blocks. Not everyone has the ability to work full-time, attend school full-time and somehow study in between. is a confidential and user-friendly site where a wide range of student backgrounds can be met head-on with a vast supply of personal tutors. We feel geographic and time limitations should not be the cause of wasted talent. Young or old, local or national, we offer an alternative approach where a scholar can learn on their own time wherever they choose. is available to anyone who is interested in learning. There is no charge to utilize our site for either the instructor or student. We simply provide the platform for the student and tutor relationship. A student can simply log-on to our website, select from an array of subjects, and schedule a session through a variety of internal and external platforms. alleviates the time constraints of traditional tutoring by offering a variety of ways to communicate, wherever and whenever. We offer instant messaging, electronic white-board, blog, and video conferencing. Our website also has the ability to work by traditional means, by pairing the student and tutor via telephone and one-on-one live personal instruction. Tutoring prices are listed as guidance for each individual instructor, but the two parties are more than welcome to negotiate the cost of the session. strives to make your learning a comfortable and convenient process.